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Manipulation and the Real

Ian Hacking, in one of his seminal works, Representing and Intervening (R&I) (1983),[1] provides a persuasive proposal regarding the definition of the real, especially with respect to the theoretical entities.

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Language and Ontological-Space of Consciousness

There are two approaches we can take if the presuppositions of the existence of extraterrestrial beings are true. First, we could strongly advance our military capability to protect the earth from possible invasions,

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Why Does Technology Need Metaphysics?

The philosophical discourse on technology cannot be ended simply by providing the evidences of technological advantages for the human evolution. It is notable the technological revolution and the human evolution

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Accepting the Matrix’s Scenario

Let’s imagine the world presented in The Matrix movie is true, that the world we inhabit is no more than a simulation created by the new ruler of the world,

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Visiting Speaker

Ze-No happily invites funded researchers from around the world, who wish to present and discuss their research or ideas through high-profile series of talks, to come to Yogyakarta. The accepted speakers will be provided with the essential facilities relating to the place, ranging from standard classes to good-sized audiences. Please contact zenocflm@gmail.com for more information regarding the details.


Ze-No happily invites everyone eagerly wishing to publish her philosophical popular works to join in our site. The projected contributor is urged to preserve their articles in English and to not exceed the 3000 words’ limit. The articles could be about a book review, an argument presentation, or an introductory explanation on a topic. Please contact zenocflm@gmail.com for more information regarding the submitting issues.

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Ze-No – Centre for Logic and Metaphysics (CLM), is an independent institution which primarily aims to promote deep and comprehensive issues regarding logic and metaphysics both popularly and academically, especially pertaining to science, technology, mind, and language; and provide a supportive research environment for the researchers.