About Us

Ze-No, Centre for Logic and Metaphysics (CLM), is an independent institution which primarily aims to promote deep and comprehensive issues regarding logic and metaphysics both popularly and academically, especially pertaining to science, technology, mind, and language; and provide a supportive research environment for the researchers.
The Centre endeavors to accomplish the aims by conducting essential events and activities, including housing international visiting lectures and public seminars, carrying out comprehensive research projects, and disseminating thought-provoking ideas through popular media. Ze-No bases in Yogyakarta-Indonesia and consists of six main divisions: philosophical logic, logic and semantics, metaphysics and science, metaphysics and mind, metaphysics and technology, and metaphysics and continental philosophy.

Our Team

Banin D. Sukmono

Director and Head of Metaphysics and Science
Email: banin.d.sukmono@zenocentre.org
Research project: Diversity theses in scientific ontology

Risalatul Hukmi

Head of Metaphysics and Continental Philosophy
Email: risalatulh@zenocentre.org
Research project: Metaphysics of belief



Head of Metaphysics and Mind
Email: philtaufiq@zenocentre.org
Research project: Phenomenology and metaphysics of consciousness

Rangga Kala Mahaswa

Head of Metaphysics and Technology
Email: mahaswa.rk@zenocentre.org
Research project: Technology and anthropocene

Sosiawan Permadi

Head of Logic and Semantics
Email: sosiawanp@zenocentre.org
Research project: The modality of justified belief


Fitriadi K.

Head of Philosophical Logic
Email: fitriadi.k@zenocentre.org
Research project: The meaning of magnitude and the a prioricity of logic