Night Club Analytix XII-XXI

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Happy ramadhan!

In April and May 2021, we will discuss issues in logic, language, and science on Google Meet. The event will be starting at 20.00 and finish at 22.00. Register your self at

The speakers and the discussion titles are listed below:

April 23, Banin Diar Sukmono, Gen-P, Gen-D, and Reductionism in Genetics.

April 24, Ainu Syaja, Logicality and Logicism.

April 29, Moh. Gema, on Fundamentality.

April 30, A rose by any other Name Would Smell as Sweet: the Mental States of Propositional Content.

May 1, Ajeng Putriningrum, Linguistic Practice and Discursive Content.

May 2, M. Immanudin, on Denoting and the Rise of Analytical Philosophy.

May 6, Risalah al-Hukmi, Family Resemblance Theory.

May 7, Taufiqurrahman, Ockham’s Razor: on How to Cut Unnecessary. Things.

May 8, Martin Suryajaya, The Limit of Logic and the World: Aufbau as a Research Program in the 21st Century.