Reading Logic and Metaphysics II (on the world logic day)

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Happy world logic day!

During 2021 world logic day, we will discuss several issues in logic and metaphysics: ranging from the philosophy of sciences, philosophical logic, to logic & semantic.

For the first day, on January 14, Sosiawan Permadi will be presenting “Disquotational Principle of Knowledge,” which will be followed by Banin D. Sukmono’s paper on “Scientific Pluralism & Fundamentalism.” On January 15, the first speaker is Ainu Syaja and he will be talking about “Quantity and Generality.” The event will be closed with Muhammad Q. Ahnaf’s presentation on “The Ultimate Problem of Classical Logic.”

All talks will be started at 17.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB (GMT+7) on Google Meet. You can register here for the meeting room link:

For more information about the event, you may chat our social media or visit this link

See you at the “Reading Logic and Metaphysics!