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OSR or Coherentism?

A review of Matteo Morganti’s From Ontic Structural Realism to Metaphysical Coherentism (2018) Structural realism is a stance in the philosophy of science that has been topical since the 90s.

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Pluralism and Metaphysical Disorder

A review of John Dupré’s The Disorder of Things (1993) Metaphysics-minded philosophers might ask John Dupré project in his 1993’s book, even from the title alone, with a question of

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Are Ancestrality and Hyper-Chaos Still Tenable?

In his 2006’s book, After Finitude, Quentin Meillassoux, a French Philosopher, proposed a position called Speculative Materialism (SM), a position that later is highly appreciated, despite the criticism, by many

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Carnap’s Specter

A review of Huw Price’s Metaphysics After Carnap (2007) Introduction One of Carnap’s ultimate but unfinished project is to extirpate metaphysics. Carnap is a firm believer that metaphysical claims are

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Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash laws of physics

The Facticity of Laws of Physics

A review of Nancy Cartwright’s How the Laws of Physics Lie (1983) Laws of physics are typically assumed to be true and describe facts of reality. Moreover, it is usually

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Natural Laws

The Range of Natural Laws

A review of Nancy Cartwright’s The Dappled World: a Study of Boundaries of Science. For fundamentalists, arguably a position held by most naturalists, the world is nomologically tidy and structured.

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The Real

Manipulation and the Real

A review of Ian Hacking’s Representing and Intervening: Introductory Topics in the Philosophy of Natural Science. Ian Hacking, in one of his seminal works, Representing and Intervening (R&I) (1983),[1] provides

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Visiting Speaker

Ze-No happily invites funded researchers from around the world, who wish to present and discuss their research or ideas through high-profile series of talks, to come to Yogyakarta. The accepted speakers will be provided with the essential facilities relating to the place, ranging from standard classes to good-sized audiences. Please contact or for more information regarding the details.


Ze-No happily invites everyone eagerly wishing to publish her philosophical popular works to join in our site. The projected contributor is urged to preserve their articles in English and to not exceed the 3000 words’ limit. The articles could be about a book review, an argument presentation, or an introductory explanation on a topic. Please contact or for more information regarding the submitting issues.


Series in Analytic Philosophy

Series in analytic philosophy is translation works that are published by the collaboration with Antinomi: Institute for Science, Philosophy, and Religion. By far, the Indonesian public that is interested in philosophy has not been familiar with analytic philosophy. This series, to that end, is intended to introduce analytic philosophy to the Indonesian-speaking people by translating essential texts in the history of analytic philosophy to the Indonesian language.    

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